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The vodka industry it is extremely difficult to distinguish your product when you consider the several thousand products produced in America and abroad.

Here at Dry County Distillery we have determined to make a distinction between our vodka and all others. Our vodka is distilled and filtered to remove all of the grain based flavor and burn characteristics of lesser crafted products.

The finished product that we bottle is artisan quality, ultra-premium vodka which is colorless and flavorless; because it is so smooth it has been implied by our patrons that we are bottling rain.

Enjoy a shot straight or in your favorite cocktail.

Still Piddle


Our premium gin is nontraditional; bright, smooth and flavorful. Without that overpowering "evergreen tree" flavor; it is flavored with juniper, coriander, orange and cinnamon as well as other botanicals. In short, you can taste all the flavors that make up this delightful and refreshing product.

Enjoy it neat or in your favorite martini.

Brandy Bottles

Black Rope Anise

Black Rope is distilled in the tradition of an anisette. Anisette is anise-flavored liqueur that is consumed mainly in European countries and Greece. Black Rope is colorless liquor bottled at 80 proof and unlike anise-based liqueurs, contains no added sugar. Its residual sweetness is derived via the use of the fresh botanicals we use in the maceration process.

Enjoy it as an apéritif or after dinner as a digestif.

Black Rope Anis

Barrel Proof Rum

Our rum is 140 proof and hand crafted in small batches.

Brandy Bottles


Our immature un-aged brandy is made from the finest pinot grigio wine. John Bell of Willis Hall Winery has perfected this wines flavor profile to include notes of apple and pear which are enhanced by our pot still. We produce an aromatic, well balanced liquor with a residual sweetness, characteristic to this grape variety captured in the distillation process that is second to none.

Enjoy it "in the white" or aged in your own barrel available in our retail store.

Our brandy is not currently available.

Brandy Bottles

kkAda Sutra

kkAda is a caramel liqueur that Dry County Distillery bottles for zZaphoria Spirits.

kkAda Sutra

Featured Product

Tastes like a slice of pie right out of the oven, just like grandma used to make; great on ice or Appletini, or a perfect addition to eggnog or hot buttered rum mix.
Featured Product
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