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A note from the Master Distiller to you, our valued customers.

"Prior to the bane of prohibition in our country, farmers and their wives made a bit of whiskey after the harvest. This was a manufactured product of a more portable variety than raw grain which could be easily transported from farms to town.

These industrious American craft distillers didn't just run out the stills product without thought; through generational instructions they learned how to make "the cut" which separated the inferior alcohol from the quality product their customers expected and yearned for. They made their liquor for family and neighbors; in short, those they loved.

At Dry County Distillery we continue these traditions today; not needing to speak pretentiously or spend millions on marketing our products as "top shelf", we let our customers decide. Our liquor is manufactured as the aforementioned artisans of old; to my exacting specifications as if you, my customer, were family."

From our family to you with pride and craftsmanship,

Howard V.O. Johnston

Proprietor and Master Distiller

Dry County Distillery, LLC

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You can trust Dry County Distillery to bring you a smooth and satisfying taste every time. We strive to make happy customers out of everyone that comes through our door.
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