About Us

"Dry County Distillery… What can I say about us?

Let's start with quality. We offer only the best, but don't take my word for it. I dare you to compare our Copper Still Vodka to another kind of vodka, or perhaps our Gin with another brand. We're sure you'll come back.

As for quantity… We're a very small, locally owned, and family-run distillery. At this juncture, we can't really compete with the big dogs quantity-wise, but why should we worry about that anyway? Our vodka tastes like water. Can you say the same for another brand?

Our variety is good so far, and it's growing. We offer gin, vodka, whiskey, award-winning anise, and we have others in production. We also take requests, so if your great-great granddaddy was a moonshiner or your family has a favorite recipe from the old country, bring us the recipe and we'll happily take a crack at it.

Now for the individuals. I told you this is a family-run company and I certainly didn't lie.

Howard and Jennifer Johnston are co-owners of this company. Among their various other responsibilities, Howard runs the still and tests recipes while Jennifer manages the storefront and works with you, the customer, to make sure your experience is the best.

As for me, I am their daughter Krystal, and I'm the communications person.

We also have a mascot, Shiner, who keeps Jennifer company when there aren't any customers around."

Our Team

Howard Johnston

Howard Johnston.

Position: Owner.

Howard is responsible for the fine flavors and subtle taste that he brings forth from his stills.

Jennifer Johnston

Jennifer Johnston.

Position: Owner.

Jennifer is in charge of research and development. She has a keen eye and a cunning wit.

Krystal Johnston

Krystal Johnston.

Position: Communications Person.

Krystal is in charge of communications.

Shiner Johnston


Position: Mascot.

Shiner is in charge of cute and cuddly relations.

Contact Us

Dry County Distillery is located at: 521 Delta Avenue, Marysville Washington. In the shadow of the old town water tower.

"Questions or comments? Feel free to email us at info@drycountydistillery.com. Or give us a call at 425-343-8021."

Retail Store Hours

  • Monday-Thursday 11AM-5PM
  • Friday 11AM-4PM
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday by appointment only.


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