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The Nelwin

Being a strong and noble people the Nelwin can be very powerful allies. Even though the Nelwin are small in stature they are very powerful. The Nelwin have an intuitive sense when it comes to technology. Even though they have only advanced to the steam age they have developed some very advanced weaponry. Even with their advanced weaponry they still hold to the philosophy that you need to know how to fight with your hands because shock shells are not without limits. Through no provocation of there
own the enemy of the Nelwin has become the Beshandi.

The Nelwin dwell in the western land of Casinon, within the kingdom of Tiny Haven. They are ruled by the benevolent High Judge Naham Malashim.

Two Nelwin Guards.
Nelwin Guard
Nelwin Guard

This is one of the Nelwin elite guards. Of course not all of the Nelwin are in the elite guard. However all Nelwin be they male or female young or old have the same stout fighting spirit.

Nelwin Banner

The Nelwin banner symbolizes power, peace and light. All Nelwinkind recognize this symbol within the Nelwin nation. There are however eight tribes within the Nelwin nation. Each tribe has its own symbol and appointed leader. All of the tribes have members in the elite guard as well as their own tribal battle groups. Each tribal leader has a seat in the house of the High Judge. The current High Judge is Naham Malashim.

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