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The Beshandi

The Beshandi are a tyrannical and ruthless race. The goal of the Beshandi is to eradicate the entire Nelwin nation. However the Beshandi are surprisingly benevolent to there own kind. The Beshandi are ruled by the often maniacal and always hostile Emperor Peshanti Olcola. The underlining attitude of the majority of the Beshandi is that if you're not Beshandi your not worth the dirt their standing on.

The Beshandi dwell in the land of Lortoss. The landscape of Lortoss is covered with many natural high pressure steam geysers. The Beshandi war prefects have command over the majority of the geysers. They are capped and thier energy is harnessed and used to produce the massive war machines that the war prefects employ, in their seemingly never ending push to rid the realm of the Nelwin.

Beshandi Warling
This is a Beshandi warling. The warlings are trained in the standard hand combat developed by the master motivator Skaul Vortan. The Beshandi warlings go into battle wielding one of the many bladed weapons of death they have crafted out of the fires of gualdus mauk. The warlings do carry a hand pistol but their preferred method of fighting is with the blade.
Beshandi Symbol

This Beshandi icon symbolizes fear, intimidation and oppression. The creature known as the Craylogar is the Dynasties national symbol. The Crayloger is an aggressive lizard like creature that has been known to tear apart a Nelwin bull cart with its bone blade tail. This symbol is used to mark the territory that the Beshandi have conquered or destroyed.

Beshandi Warlings
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